Monday, January 10, 2011

so thats how it is

So far so good.

I think.

You know, the three kids. It seems Hannah always wanted siblings. And now she's a big sister. Of course, Charlie is really taken with her. Don't know if she's up for that much brotherly love. They get along, pretty well. I'm hoping. I dunno for sure. I'm thinking, Ellie has to put up with a whole different ballgame, than I do.

But Hannah is really respecting Ellie and I'm thankful for that. It'll take some time.

If thats not enough, well, Hannah has met the wolf-boy up the street. You'd think we shipped in Hannah just for him. Just one more thing Ellie has to worry about. She's a little pessimistic about him. I guess. Well, after all, he kind of knocked her over, or something, that one time. That was when I was sick, so I don't remember it that well.

Naturally, Hannah is just happy to have someone her own age to play with. She's decided to teach him how to write. I'm getting the impression..she's in control of the situation. I don't think she'd let him get away with anything. But I don't know how Ellie feels about him being here all the time. See, I'd rather that wolf-boy, Bolt (sounds like a dog already, doesn't he?) be here instead of Hannah being down there. They play in the snow, anyway.  Of course, this makes Charlie want to be outside, and well, Ellie has her hands full with Zoe.

Its never ending. Its always something, isn't it?



lucy and sarah said...

Wow, it'll take some time.

Holly said...

I hope they can all get along.