Tuesday, March 1, 2011

its still winter

There was a winter break, but it wasn't long enough. I can't believe I said that. Don't I want Hannah in school?

Well, of course, I do. Its just the days are getting longer. And Charlie is bugging me about being outside. It was warm enough to take a walk to the park, today. Although, I almost slipped on ice. The driveway. There is just one part of it that won't melt.

I'm battling this cold. I keep telling myself it could be worse.

I feel so isolated from everyone else. Some days. You know, just me and the baby and Charlie who swears he's not a baby.

I heard on the news that the family who burned in a house fire, a rural area from here. Actually the wife planned to kill the family. And she did. Then herself. So horrible to think about. I thought of Kelsey, my friend who lives in a trailer on the outskirts of town. Her husband has his own snow plow. And they need it, where they live.

They are gonna have another baby. She seems fine with it. She has a job at the courthouse now. We really want to see them, some weekend. But, don't know if the days will let us. I'd hate to be stuck out there. Although, Lon would love it. He wants to move there.

I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

God, my nose is stopped up, again. I hope I can sleep tonight.

I know. Stay positive. But its so hard to do.



Syed said...

When I feel low, I always find a walk by myself in the cold helps.

Winnie said...

Staying positive is definitely hard when you're feeling miserable. But friends and family usually do the trick to try and cheer you up :)

Sophia said...

Positivity is the best thing in life!

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