Tuesday, June 28, 2011

berry picking time


I've made one pie already from the raspberries and blackberries in the back yard. We have a great season for berries. Unfortunately, a horrid time with mosquitoes too, due to the flooding on the Missouri river too.

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Its been stormy, humid and some un-easy times, lately.

I have to usually wait until the kids are in bed before we go and pick berries. The days are long. On so many levels. Having to put up with Charlie, who is all boy. I'm beginning to think I know why Lonnie let Charlie go on that pony. I'm pretty sure Charlie put up such a fuss that Lonnie gave in. And I feel really horrible accusing him, like I did, that he didn't love Charlie enough.

Charlie is pretty honary (as they call it). Just plain stubborn. He has such fits. And he's so strong. We try to talk it through, all the time. He pouts. He throws things. He hits. But not all the time. At least no biting. (He bit me really bad last fall when he thought he was a werewolf) Just when you think you have it nipped in the bud, he right back to doing something he did months ago. Yet he can be so loving. He loves Hannah so much who he's re-named LeeLee since he says Hannah's name as if he's referring to her butt.

So yes, summer is taking a toll on me. I just hope I can live through this with him.

But we are a little worried about the nuclear plant up stream. We have another one down stream that had shut down completely on the Missouri river. Hopefully, we are safe.

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Jennyboo said...

I went raspberry picking the other day but it started raining. I had dreams of baking a pie but the weather won out. Maybe next time! Love the pictures you selected here :-)

Cait said...

Great about the berries. Scary about the nuclear plant.

meg said...

Yeah! for berries!

Holly said...

Charlie sounds like a handful

Winnie said...

I love berry picking! I remember going strawberry picking as a child, was so much fun!

Through My Eyes said...

those pictures were really cute. I liked them