Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lazy days of summer

Its so damn humid. What a summer we are having. The creeks are swelling just as much as the river. People are sandbagging for the worse. Of course, when we were back in Texas it was pretty dry.

I think we have all survived Charlie's little incident now. His arm is practically heeled. And it hasn't slowed him down, one bit.

Of course, I'm not saying he plays well with others. And I can see when he gets on Hannah's nerves, sometimes. She doesn't like putting up with him. And he pouts about in the yard, but he's at least behaving himself. Its just, he really thinks he's so grown up sometime, then he can turn around and do this little stomp. See, Charlie likes to curse.

Ellie, thinks he got it from me. But seriously, I don't do that. Not anymore. Sometimes, I have to wonder if its just this natural occurrence in boys. He just picks up on certain words. I have to wonder if he could care
less of the meaning of them. Just the sound of them.

Lets see. He loves the word HORNY. And as much as we tell him to quit saying the word, he wants to say it more.

Then I heard him other day say.."Aw Fuck!" I did not say that to him. I swear it wasn't me. And he's saying this out on the driveway, barefooted. Staring at his feet. I'm wondering if he thinks 'fuck' has to do with feet.

Ellie was so funny. The way she put her fists on her waist walked over to him as if she wash his mouth out with soap, any second. "What did you say?" He sulked a little and went off to play with some wooden blocks my Dad gave him. He doesn't actually play with them. Charlie throws them. After Ellie went to check on Chloe in her stroller, he starts throwing them.

Then I have to get after him. "Why are you doing that?" Naturally, he doesn't have an answer for me. Its all this angst. He's having to be on this little island, far away from Hannah, while she's off with Shelby and some kid across the street. He just can't stand it. So he acts like he going to do something. Like play with his truck or something. But no, he goes back to throwing those blocks as hard as he can. Next thing I know, he's screaming like somebody ran over him. He hit his big toe with one of those blocks. And I know it doesn't look good. That toenail is showing something ugly underneath it.

So guess who has to get him to the emergency room. He's crying so bad. And I have to take it. I'm in pain too, just listening to him. Tears dripping down his face. Then he goes crazy again, when he sees we are in the emergency room. He fought me the whole way there.

I was pretty angry. But I just hold on to him.

Of course, they could have pricked the toenail to let out the blood, but I think the practitioner was afraid too. He got antibiotics, instead. I could just see a needle stuck in Charlie's toe. Lord knows, how he would have reacted.

Four hours later we are back home. I couldn't wait to go to bed. That took a lot out of me. But no, he wanted to sit in my lap. We both went to sleep watching Sponge Bob.

You know, I think Ellie and I seriously need a weekend away from the kids. I was so hoping that would happen while we were in Texas. I know Lonnie thinks I'm still mad at him about what happened to Charlie's arm when he fell off the pony. I should call him, let him know how Charlie is doing. Maybe Charlie is just accident proned.



meg said...

somebody is keeping you busy!

Ana Degenaar said...

I'm a newbie here, this is the cutest thing ever! (following).