Friday, March 2, 2018

when all else fells

Coco did her best to sooth Sasha's nerves. It didn't take much to make Sasha a basket case.

Sometimes, she wondered who had done this Sasha. Was it an experience from the past? Coco was certain it must have been a man. Still, Sasha did have plenty of exes. She was never lucky with the male species.

And then Coco met Sasha online. It didn't seem possible that a friendship on a fashion site would lead to this.

But it was so much more exciting than Coco, ever imagine. After all, Sasha was her first girlfriend and it felt perfect. Even if Sasha could be a nervous wreck, sometimes.

Coco kissed away Sasha's troubles as her fair body came over Sasha's tender limbs. It felt amazing to know she could get Sasha to forget her troubles, even in this very busy city.

Life was so much better when it was just the two of them.

Sure, she could be off with the boys drinking soju and making soju bombs, but Coco was needed here with Sasha.

Coco stroked her hair.

"Are you really OK?" Coco wanted to know as she came around from behind Sasha to hold her and to comfort her on the sofa.

Sasha's frown was small. She nodded.

Coco kissed her long neck. She cupped her naked breasts.

"You know, I would never hurt you." Coco told her that she loved her and she would always be amazing in her eyes.

Coco liked to think of Sasha as a survivor. She'd told Coco once she'd been on three antidepressants at once. She'd been suicidal, too. She'd ended up in a psych ward four years ago.

Coco cradled Sasha now as her hands explored her beautiful body. Sasha was like an Old Master's painting. Except for her modern Brazilian, she was an upgrade live version. Her waist was long, but there were curves, even if her breasts were small.

Coco dipped her fingers into Sasha's sweet pussy, she could already sense the heat of her sex.

Sasha let out little moans of pleasure. She lifted her arms back and put her limbs behind Coco's head.

"You, make me forget," Sasha said as her body rocked Coco's fingers. Coco felt her own sex heat up.

Finally, Sasha turned to her and gently pushed Coco down on the sofa. She kissed her with her tongue going a little deeper each time.

Coco felt Sasha's fingers touch her right tit until it was taunt. Then she kissed it while her thumb pressed hard against the top of her clit..

Sasha moved on to her left tit, as her fingers pried between the wet walls of Coco's clit. Sasha kissed Coco's lower stomach and then her inner thigh.

Finally, she lifted Coco's left leg up over her shoulder.

Sasha almost chuckled biting her bottom lip, but she didn't think long when she felt Sasha's hot breath on her clit. Sasha was certain she'd cum any moment. And she did when Sasha touched Coco's clit with her tongue. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

the beginning of the end

Sasha said she was used to life in Seoul. After all, she'd found a job at the English Academy and was now bringing home the paycheck that got her and Coco out on their own.

Of course, she felt she was in more of a compartment of some kind in their two bedroom flat, but at least they were alone now. And she felt she was getting settled into teaching.

Of course, she'd never been a teacher before. Well, she'd had some teaching experiences back home in England when she was still at the University. She'd managed to get through student teaching. It helped most who came to the Academy who wanted to learn. She really liked the people she'd met there, until now.

But then she met a new student.

She knew from the get go he was going to be arrogant. After all, he was rather striking to look at. Pale and tall. Not exactly, the type she was used to meeting, nerds always wanting to study more.

No, this bloke wore a suit and acted as if he owned the place. His name was Lee Joon, and he insisted she go out for coffee, after class.

"But I don't go out with my students." She cut the conversation short. After all, it was going on eleven p.m. and she knew Coco would be staying up for her.

Only he grabbed her wrist. Sasha looked up at his handsome face and practically trembled. Luckily, her thin wrist was too tiny to hold, or this is what Coco informed her later.

She couldn't get out of the building quick enough. She practically ran the three blocks home, in her black pumps.

By the time she got home, she was shaking.

Coco went to put on the electric kettle and then undressed her and found her favorite sweater to put on over her, in her ivory lacy bra and panties.

"I don't know what he wanted?" Sasha looked at her frantically.

"Eat something." Coco brought her sandwich. After all, she knew Sasha wasn't into traditional Korean foods.

"If, if only I could work during daytime hours..." Sasha started as she got comfortable on the sofa.

"Then, we'd have no time to play," Coco smirked as she put her arm around Sasha. Coco was in her polka-dot boy shorts and thin black tank top.

"Come on, eat." Coco told her she would be restless all night. She sipped some of Sasha's ginger tea. The mug was steaming hot, Sasha didn't know how Coco could drink something so hot.

Sasha barely nibbled at the turkey sandwich.

"Had he been there before?" Coco wanted to know. She rubbed Sasha's back ever so carefully.

"I would have noticed him." She picked meat out from between the brown bread. She sighed with a smile. "You're too good to me." Sasha turned and smiled at Coco, who practically giggled.

"And you have to keep working." Cocoa reminded her that she didn't make enough at the retro boutique. That alone wasn't enough for them to survive on.

"I'm not," Sasha said as she pressed her lips tight, thinking this was a dream job she never knew to dream of. Finally, Sasha managed to eat half the sandwich and gave it Coco who practically ate in one bite.

Sasha sipped her tea which was still so hot, but it was good to have the lemon and ginger clear her throat and mind.

"I shouldn't have ran." She closed her eyes, as she felt Coco's hands around her. Sasha put down the tea on the coffee table in front of her. They didn't have a dining table, but made do with the coffee table.

The TV was off and Coco sat behind Sasha on the sofa. She felt Coco's hot breath on her ear.

"I'm glad you're home," Cocoa whispered as she cupped Sasha's breast. She kissed Sasha on the neck.

Slowly, Sasha let go of the incident with the man in the suit. She leaned back as Coco sucked as the side of her neck, leaving a little love mark. The sensation left Sasha in soft laughter.

Coco's warm fingers dipped down Sasha's lower stomach and into her panties. She kissed the side of Sasha's neck more. Finally, Coco flipped Sasha to her back and Sasha laid on the sofa. Coco pried off Sasha's panties and bra. The sweater was under Sasha who felt herself open up to Coco, as she kissed Sasha's taunt tits and fingered her all the while.

Sasha felt waves of pain yet pleasure. Coco only smiled more as if she knew exactly how to get to the core of Sasha's pulsing sex.